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A tale of an inner city drug dealer who turns away from crime to pursue his passion, rap music.

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If this book had ended before it got into his schedule it would have been a much better book.I think he gives a good portrait of himself in this book, at least it coincides with what I hear from him when I see him on interviews.In How to Get Rich by billionaire businessman Donald Trump, he reveals the secrets of getting rich and gives business advice on how to make it big.

Because what he has done so far may be okay for a private citizen.Go right to the top and do it yourself. 41. I turn off the lights whenever I leave the office.He received a great deal of publicity following the success of his reality television show, The Apprentice (in which he serves as both executive producer and host for the show).

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I suppose this is true of most people, but Donald Trump seems to be one that is straight forward about what he thinks, what he wants, and what he expects.Trump showed a lack of interest in a deal to set the team of on a tangent, then have them draw their own conclusions.Shop Vinyl and CDs.

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He can no doubt be a pain in the butt and a jerk, but at the same time he is generous and caring.The History of Online Gambling (Infographic) Continue to Next Article.The ramblings of an ego-maniac who knows how to be a successful business man but has no idea how to write a book.I suspected the book would confirm what I would already know: the man was very ambitious, not particularly deep, and a relentless showman.This book is more of a how I did it rather than how to do it.

Some will love him, and some will loath him and claim that he has gained mass amount of his wealth from lying and deception.TOP SKILLS FOR CONTINUED SUCCESS: - Be strategically dramatic. - Be creative - Have street smarts - Be personable - Be loyal and trust your team.

Wealth: nearly everyone wants it, but few people actually know what they need to do in order to get it.

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While I got very good grades at school, I did not have time to be a scholar.

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Worth buying and gifting to teens, young adults, and dreamers.Be a chameleon. - Study the art of persuasion, use readily available metaphors and humor - Write down your business objectives, know what you want, know the other party, and find a win-win solution - Let your guard down to bluff and see what they do - Be patient.For me it felt mostly like common sense and a little bit boring.I might make an outrageous comment in a meeting just to see whether the other people play along or take a stand and disagree.Well, this book is really not focused on one issue, it goes in all directions.

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Anyway, he did not really tell you have to get rich, but he gave more common business advice which may be interesting an useful if you are in your 20s.When people want answers from you, beating around the bush is insulting to them.Had I adopted his approach earlier in life, I might have a more forceful personality (which according to some people along the way I needed).HOW TO GET RICH Real estate titan, bestselling author, and TV impresario Donald J.

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Trump is very humble and acknowledges no business is too big to fail.You need to work at maintaining this. - Get a great assistant. - Know your competition and understand what your competitive offering is relative to their product - Have employees that feel accountable for the success of the business - Get to know your employees to understand how to manage them appropriately - Learn something new about your business every day.

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If you want to get rich start with not spending money on this book.

If you want to get your dose of Donald Trump, then this is the book for you.I would recommend this book to a person who wants to be just like Donald Trump or someone who likes autobiographies.

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To be fair, it was an entertaining read and would it have been marketed as such I would probably give it a better ratin.Read and reflect. - Read biographies and philosophy - Dress for your culture PART 03 - Be your best financial advisor - Invest in what you know - Get a prenuptial agreement.